Dispatches from an Age-friendly CommunityAge-friendly North Lanark — Jeff Mills

Jeff Mills

September 13  ·

 Dispatches from an Age-friendly CommunityAge-friendly North Lanark wants to share the good news that are the seniors of our area. People aged 65 plus make up 31,990 of Lanark County’s total population or 22% and are often seen as clients in need, rather than the good citizens that they are, who share their gifts making our communities the special places we cherish. Add in those age 55+ the percentage is just shy of 40%. “Dispatches from an Age-friendly Community” is an appreciative advocacy project shining a light on our elders, their contribution, and value. In the words of Cormac Russell, we want to concentrate on “What’s strong, not what’s wrong.” We’ll be sharing articles, social media posts, short videos, and newspaper articles under the banner of “Dispatches from an Age-Friendly Community” on a regular basis with the hope that you and your elders will help us tell this good news. Age-friendly North Lanark through story telling hopes to have our communities aspire to be the best they possibly can for the older among us. The World Health Organization created the Age-friendly Communities program to help communities view healthy community development first through a seniors’ lens then from the perspective of all. In essence it’s kind of the 8 to 80 idea that if what we do works for an 8-year-old and an 80-year-old, it will work for all. Essential for some is Good for all.” Imagine if all politicians; municipal, county, provincial, and federal used this framework before making decisions.The 8 tenets of an age-friendly community include • Transportation• Housing • Social Participation• Respect and Social Inclusion• Civic Participation and Employment• Communication and Information• Community Support and Health Services • Outdoor Spaces and Public BuildingsThere is a federal election looming, talk of one to come provincially, and here in our municipalities a new council in the fall of 2022. Raising the profile of our elders will help to change the dialogue and build better lives for all. Want to help? Are you a storyteller? Writer? Journalist? Artist? Poet? Painter? Teacher? Musician? Comedian? Grandchild? Grandparent? Etc. All appreciative content is welcome. To learn how you can participate join us on a zoom call on Monday, October 4th at 7pm. To register for the call contact Jay Young at 613-451-5397 or jyoung@carebridge.ca.

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