Dispatches from an Age-Friendly Community, #4. Here’s an Lake 88 In Focus Interview from last Friday (International Day of Older Persons) regarding the work of Age-Friendly North Lanark. Learn more about “Dispatches from an Age-Friendly Community” by joining our Zoom call this evening for interested content generators. To Listen to the interview click here..

Pakenham Age-Friendly Pakenham “Bridging Generations” Dispatch

‘DISPATCHES FROM AN AGE-FRIENDLY COMMUNITY #9’ comes from Sherryl Smith of -Back in 2015 Mills Community Support (Carebridge) initiated a series of 3 workshops in Pakenham with funding through the Seniors Secretariat. The purpose of these workshops was well described by an area resident Sherryl Smith who was also concerned about her future needs beingContinue reading “Pakenham Age-Friendly Pakenham “Bridging Generations” Dispatch”

WANTED! Kind-hearted caring people to volunteer

Carebridge Community Support January 26  · Please consider helping area seniors stay connectedA simple phone call can turn an otherwise dark day into one of comfort, even joy. COVID 19 has taken the world by storm with our most vulnerable citizens now more alone and isolated than ever before. Have you time on your hands? Consider being aContinue reading “WANTED! Kind-hearted caring people to volunteer”

Ride the LT– Transportation for Seniors

For Carleton Place residents..It’s Wednesday!! Lanark County is in Carleton Place. Here is Kory Earle helping someone into the van. Did You Know?! Carleton Place has partnered with Lanark County Transportation to offer a local bus service!Ride the LT has two pickup points on Wednesday mornings, Carambeck Community Centre and Carleton Place Town Hall.If youContinue reading “Ride the LT– Transportation for Seniors”

This is our group Age Friendly North Lanark

This is our group Age Friendly North Lanark run by Carebridge. We are a small and mighty group.. read about us below and smile Linda Seccaspina December 13 at 1:30 PM  · Shared with Public This is our group Age Friendly North Lanark run by Carebridge. We are a small and mighty group. We are behind senior grocery shopping at theContinue reading “This is our group Age Friendly North Lanark”

Dispatches from an Age-friendly CommunityAge-friendly North Lanark — Jeff Mills

Jeff Mills September 13  ·  Dispatches from an Age-friendly CommunityAge-friendly North Lanark wants to share the good news that are the seniors of our area. People aged 65 plus make up 31,990 of Lanark County’s total population or 22% and are often seen as clients in need, rather than the good citizens that they are, who shareContinue reading “Dispatches from an Age-friendly CommunityAge-friendly North Lanark — Jeff Mills”

October 29  · DOWNSIZING Dispatch

Jimmy Dunne October 29  · DOWNSIZING My wife Catherine and I recently moved.I realized I had something I never knew I had.Thirty-four years ago, I carried my wife in my arms over the threshold in our home. Thirty-four years ago. From newlywed days, to witnessing our babies go from little girls to young adults. So many great memoriesContinue reading “October 29  · DOWNSIZING Dispatch”

Dispatches from an Age-Friendly Community — Another Home

“A House by any other name can be a home…”Secondary suite, auxiliary housing unit, carriage house, apartment in home, granny flat, garden suite…A team from Age-friendly North Lanark is working on a project called “One More Home” and that is exactly what it is; a garden suite (formerly called granny flat). They want to buildContinue reading “Dispatches from an Age-Friendly Community — Another Home”